Sports Analyst

"Howard is the most caring guy I've ever met, he's willing to help you progress no matter where you are currently in life. We all want big changes faster than possible a lot of the time and Howard is able to help you get the answers you need from your own head. Very grateful to have a mentor like Howard as a coach".





"I was able to gain clarity on my goal and setup realistic actions after each session which helped staying focused, something very important during a busy working week...The whole process was very easy and above all it felt incredibly personal with huge care and attention".



SME Founder

"Working with Coach Ahead has been excellent.  Through questioning I was able to break through internal barriers and thoughts that were blocking my progress; coaching helped me find the answers that were buried deep inside and i was able to identify clear goals, both in my business and personal life".



SME Founder

"Prior to coaching, I was living very much in the moment ending each week making little progress and finding it hard to form new dreams.  Coaching enabled me to explore different approaches and as a result I find myself turning wishes into realities and dreaming about the future again".