Wheel of Life Exercise

·      Find a pen and paper and draw a large circle with 8 equal segments.   Identify 8 areas of your life that are important for you to consider and write each one in a segment.

·      Now score the areas of your life on a scale of 0 to 10.  If you are completely satisfied with an area of your life, it would score ‘10’ and if you are completely dissatisfied you would score ‘0’.

·      Represent your score by drawing a line at the appropriate place in the segment.  You’ll see that ‘10’ is on the outside of the circle and ‘0’ is in the centre.

When finished it may help you identify areas that are important for you to focus on during your coaching sessions.  There are no limits to the list and you could consider some of the following:  Career, Friends, Family, Partner,  Relationships, Work, Your Life Balance, Finance, Spirituality/Faith.